Single-vendor workstations are no longer the norm when it comes to mammography. Multiple modality mammography workstations have taken hold because of the additional benefits they provide. Grants for 3-D mammograms are providing the funding needed for upgrades, but when upgrading you can’t forget about updating your PACS.

Improved PACS

Rather than store everything on-premise, which can lead to many challenges, healthcare providers are moving toward cloud-based solutions. Vendor neutral data storage solutions provide a robust alternative to what was once a time-consuming, personnel intense and costly way of managing and viewing images.

3-D mammograms can contain a large amount of data. In fact, a typical tomosynthesis can range from 450 megabytes to three gigabytes. A day’s worth of patient visits for this procedure can take up a lot of room on anyone’s local server. Therefore, it makes sense to go with a cloud-based solution.

But size isn’t the only worry; access to these images can be road blocked by proprietary mammography workstations. To overcome this problem, choose a vendor neutral provider of offsite imaging.

Getting a Good Read

The key to accurate mammography diagnosis is a good reading workstation. You want to get the most advanced vendor neutral 3-D mammography reading workstation that will work with any vendor and any type of image. Furthermore, you need options to integrate with other modalities.

Most mammogram workstations can only do mammograms. Working with the right vendor will give you access to do mammography and related ultrasounds and MRIs. Flexible solutions are the go-to option for upgrading the way you handle your imaging today.

Getting the Upgrade

When digital mammography was still in its infancy, the image view options were scant, at best. The usual scenario was to match up the digital acquisition with a vendor’s mammography workstation. That was not exactly ideal for most providers, as it limited access and necessitated a workaround in the PACS.

Another problem was the cost of the workstations and the complexities involved with a hybrid environment. In some situations, simply reading an image file became nearly impossible.

With multiple modality view solutions, these problems of the past are becoming more infrequent.

The Offsite Solution

OffSite Image Management is the only company that allows you to cross correlate between mammograms and ultrasounds or any other modality. We give radiologists the tools they need to have multiple views simultaneously from multiple modalities. This minimizes workflow and makes your entire process very efficient.

We know that cost matters, and given that a sixth of all hospitals across the country struggle with their current budgets, our goal is to connect providers with solutions that matter. That’s why we are typically less than half the cost of a standard mammography workstation and offer more modalities to view.

Contact us, and let’s discuss our methods. We’ll save you money, but we’ll also improve the way you process your daily workflow.