Burnout is a serious concern in many radiology departments. High demand for their services and a clunky workflow can stack up against radiology professionals, which also has a negative impact on patients. Managing steady volumes while providing quality care can be improved by using the right tools and closing inefficiency gaps as needed.

Decreasing administrative work has been one method for reducing burnout in radiology. For facilities that have the budget and extra space, hiring coordinators who specialize in the administrative duties can produce positive results.

Sometimes, the lack of insight into administrative duties can cause a chain reaction. For example, how many unnecessary image scans are ordered at your facility? By utilizing a computerized clinical decision system, you can qualify each scan to ensure it is needed. In some cases, patients are ordered to get the wrong type of scan or they are duplicating previous scans. Using a more accountable method of qualifying exams will cut back on some of the workflow and improve patient outcomes.

Update With Cloud-Based Technology

Hospitals of all sizes are looking for accountability in their radiology process. They desire the power of visibility in all their radiology needs, but this requires a high level of management and analyzation of the business structure.

Gaining this level of accountability isn’t always possible when budgets don’t allow for hiring the IT personnel capable of managing a system that provides all the bells and whistles that give you visibility you need. That’s where a cloud-based vendor of radiology solutions comes in handy.

Rather than investing in infrastructure and personnel, your cloud vendor takes care of everything, including administrative support. This not only reduces the likelihood of burnout in your facility, it drastically improves patient care and outcomes.

Top-quality vendors provide key perks in their packages, including browser agnostic viewing technology, which gives you mobile access to your images, anytime, anywhere. Another perk to look for is administrative support, which means your vendor will manage and provide oversite to your cloud-based PACS and peripheral items. They’ll even provide you with software updates.

At OffSite Image Management, we’re offering cloud-based solutions that are a perfect match for critical access and small, rural hospitals and clinics. Our services have helped our customers gain access to top-quality radiology solutions, but not at a large cost. In fact, our experience shows that many of our clients actually save money by partnering with us on everything from cloud PACS, teleradiology services, vendor neutral archiving technology and industry-leading mammography services.

Contact us and get more information about how our offerings will give you the boost you need to combat burnout, improve workflow and accountability.

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