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Providing More Efficient Patient Care With Cloud PACS

Medical imaging extends well beyond the reach of radiology or radiologists. Given the uptick in technology surrounding imaging, everyone from orthopedics to neurologists are invested in imaging that gives them a clearer view of what’s going on in the human body. Access to these images isn’t always as easy as they’d like it to be,…
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Cloud PACS and Patient Portals: Can Radiologists be Freed From the Reading Room?

How Radiologists Are Using Cloud PACS to Their Favor The medical landscape is changing. In many ways, it’s becoming more patient-centric, as is evidenced by the proliferation of patient portals that give patients and doctors better access to patient records. With cloud PACS, the patient-centric focus is coming into better view. Patients today are demanding…
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Innovation and Cloud PACS, What to Know Now

How Cloud PACS is Changing the Landscape The field of medical imaging is always evolving, and more and more providers are looking to cloud PACS to keep up with innovations being brought on by the medical imaging industry. Between three and five percent of the population can’t complete an MRI exam due to anxiety. Whether…
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Driving Factors for Cloud PACS

It was just a few short years ago that healthcare providers pondered the cloud as an appropriate place for their PACS to reside. It was still a valid question back then as many within the medical industry worried about HIPAA violations running rampant with sensitive information floating around in the cloud. Those fears have been…
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Why do You Need a Cloud PACS?

Cloud PACS: What to Know Medical images are becoming increasingly more common in the healthcare industry. Technology has given providers more ways to look into the human body, which is good for the health of the patient, but causes some challenges for healthcare IT. As files get larger and more numerous, cloud PACS are increasingly…
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Size Does Matter: How Rural Hospitals Benefit From Cloud PACS

More than ever, healthcare facilities, including rural hospitals, are utilizing the strengths of cloud PACS to deliver better healthcare services. Nearly every provider has made the leap to electronic health records systems or is in the process of doing so because it’s federally mandated. For hospitals that kept storage vaults for their medical imaging, those…
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Are These Key Elements of Disaster Recovery Part of Your Hospital Business Continuity Planning?

Business Continuity Planning Through Cloud-Based Solutions When it comes to technology, being prepared for evolving solutions is critical. In the healthcare industry, change is a constant, including with technology tied to medical imaging. This became highly apparent as hospitals moved away from film-based systems to electronic images. Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) are now…
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Cloud PACS and Seamless EMR Data

There are many reasons why medical facilities are establishing electronic health records  (EHRs and EMRs) and cloud PACS, none of which are probably more enticing than the federal government’s incentives in doing so. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed in 2009, first brought to light these incentives. IT departments in healthcare facilities…
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How Mobile Access and Cloud PACS Solutions Will Transform Your Radiology Workflow

Cloud PACS Improve Performance Across the Board There is no denying the place of  cloud PACS in the healthcare environment today. While that might have been a false statement several years ago, providers today are finding a variety of benefits in cloud-based solutions for medical imaging. In fact, cloud-based solutions aimed at the healthcare industry…
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Cloud PACS Brings Disparate Systems Together; Saves Costs, Improves Outcomes

Cloud PACS Get Your Images Off the Island For too many years the image management system used by healthcare providers has functioned like an island. PACS living on this island had no way off of it. Furthermore, nothing from other islands could reach the island. Cloud PACS is helping to build bridges between islands. As…
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