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Cloud PACS Brings Disparate Systems Together; Saves Costs, Improves Outcomes

Cloud PACS Get Your Images Off the Island For too many years the image management system used by healthcare providers has functioned like an island. PACS living on this island had no way off of it. Furthermore, nothing from other islands could reach the island. Cloud PACS is helping to build bridges between islands. As…
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Cloud PACS: Stop Allowing Your PACS to be Dependent

Choose a Vendor Neutral Cloud PACS Stop allowing your existing PACS to be dependent on just one server. A better option is to adopt a cloud PACS where servers are virtually limitless. Healthcare IT professionals today are looking for PACS that offers the ability for each independent component of the PACS to operate independently, and…
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The Benefits of a Cloud PACS Solution

Skepticism about the cloud is finally waning. Companies were often most skeptical about the security risks involved with doing business in the cloud. This includes healthcare facilities that didn’t want to store their radiological images anywhere but on site. As cloud-based groups proved they could be reliable, mostly through choosing to store data with ultra-secure…
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Diagnostic Errors are Very Expensive: Cloud PACS Can Streamline Diagnosis

Cloud PACS are Answering the Call for Better Diagnoses It’s an unfortunate circumstance when a misdiagnosis works against the health of a patient. Avoidable illnesses are often treated incorrectly in the U.S. because of diagnostic errors, and it can result in death. The benefit of going with a cloud PACS solutions is that fewer misdiagnoses…
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PACS and True VNA: What You Should Know

The healthcare community has caught on to the vendor neutral archiving (VNA) trend in a big way. As the search for the perfect picture archiving and communication system (PACS) ensues, many administrators are beginning to wonder what constitutes true VNA. Many people have differing views on what VNA is, which is why some providers implement…
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What are Typical Problems with Image Routing?

When a healthcare facility implements a new picture archiving communication system (PACS), the honeymoon phase might last a couple of years before image routing problems begin to occur. In facilities where the PACS is really old, there is a good chance that there are more problems on a typical day than just image routing issues.…
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What’s the Future Look Like for Cloud PACS?

How Prepared is Your Facility for Cloud PACS Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have been around for two decades, but they are evolving. Cloud PACS have become the new norm as hospital administrators and IT professionals seek out new and improved ways to share and store their medical imaging. The issues surrounding PACS today…
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Driving Factors for Cloud PACS

It was just a few short years ago that healthcare providers pondered the cloud as an appropriate place for their PACS to reside. It was still a valid question back then as many within the medical industry worried about HIPAA violations running rampant with sensitive information floating around in the cloud. Those fears have been…
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Medical Imaging Workflow: What to Expect in 2016

Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Imaging Solution It’s not uncommon for new technologies and processes to pop up frequently where medical imaging is concerned. 2016 will likely be no different than other years, so let’s take a look at some hot topics for the rest of this year. ICD-10 The implementation of 10th…
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Cloud Backup Services: Does Your Hospital Grab Hold of the Benefits?

Cloud Backup Services Can Help You Streamline Your Processes There really can be no denying that cloud computing is a benefit to the healthcare community. Today, cloud backup services play a vital role in the overall performance of healthcare IT applications, especially in regard to medical imaging. One of the more immediate perks of cloud…
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