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Taking a More Efficient Approach to Data Storage

As file sizes increase, finding data storage to meet your needs becomes more and more crucial.

Protecting Your Data More Efficiently With Cloud PACS

Using cloud PACS offers more assurances that lead to increased up time, particularly as natural disasters occur more frequently.

Integrated, Accessible Hospital Data Could Save $30 Billion per Year

Hospital Data Solutions That Exceed Expectations are in the Cloud The rise of healthcare costs have been noted for decades. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that from 1980 through 2008, the average annual increase in healthcare costs averaged nine percent. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the number dropped to…
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Innovation and Cloud PACS, What to Know Now

How Cloud PACS is Changing the Landscape The field of medical imaging is always evolving, and more and more providers are looking to cloud PACS to keep up with innovations being brought on by the medical imaging industry. Between three and five percent of the population can’t complete an MRI exam due to anxiety. Whether…
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Driving Factors for Cloud PACS

It was just a few short years ago that healthcare providers pondered the cloud as an appropriate place for their PACS to reside. It was still a valid question back then as many within the medical industry worried about HIPAA violations running rampant with sensitive information floating around in the cloud. Those fears have been…
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Cloud PACS and Seamless EMR Data

There are many reasons why medical facilities are establishing electronic health records  (EHRs and EMRs) and cloud PACS, none of which are probably more enticing than the federal government’s incentives in doing so. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed in 2009, first brought to light these incentives. IT departments in healthcare facilities…
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How Mobile Access and Cloud PACS Solutions Will Transform Your Radiology Workflow

Cloud PACS Improve Performance Across the Board There is no denying the place of  cloud PACS in the healthcare environment today. While that might have been a false statement several years ago, providers today are finding a variety of benefits in cloud-based solutions for medical imaging. In fact, cloud-based solutions aimed at the healthcare industry…
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Cloud PACS Brings Disparate Systems Together; Saves Costs, Improves Outcomes

Cloud PACS Get Your Images Off the Island For too many years the image management system used by healthcare providers has functioned like an island. PACS living on this island had no way off of it. Furthermore, nothing from other islands could reach the island. Cloud PACS is helping to build bridges between islands. As…
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Cloud PACS: Stop Allowing Your PACS to be Dependent

Choose a Vendor Neutral Cloud PACS Stop allowing your existing PACS to be dependent on just one server. A better option is to adopt a cloud PACS where servers are virtually limitless. Healthcare IT professionals today are looking for PACS that offers the ability for each independent component of the PACS to operate independently, and…
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The Benefits of a Cloud PACS Solution

Skepticism about the cloud is finally waning. Companies were often most skeptical about the security risks involved with doing business in the cloud. This includes healthcare facilities that didn’t want to store their radiological images anywhere but on site. As cloud-based groups proved they could be reliable, mostly through choosing to store data with ultra-secure…
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