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What You Should Know About Deconstructed PACS

PACS, in the Traditional Sense, Have Changed for the Better What’s your plan for managing your images? If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you want to find more efficient and cost effective ways to manage images, yet you also want to improve your goals revolving around becoming more patient-centric. Is deconstructed PACS the answer? We…
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Deconstructing PACS: Three Ways Breaking Down the Walls Affects Your Operations

Deconstructing PACS With Effective VNA In the healthcare industry today, deconstructing PACS has become a hot topic. However, does everyone have the same definition of what deconstructing PACS means?  Let’s take a look at what some industry experts perceive as a deconstructed PACS and see where the differences lay. We know that as technology evolves,…
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Deconstructing PACS: Why it’s Still the Buzzword for Ending Data Silos

The Key Behind Deconstructing PACS Today many healthcare organizations are moving away from departmental PACS in an effort to provide more access to images as well as patient data. Electronic medical record access is the catalyst for some of this change, but so too is the patient expectations and accessibility issues clinicians face. Can deconstructing…
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Cloud PACS: Can it Help Offset Costs for Deconstructing PACS?

Deconstructing Cloud PACS Cutting costs is often a necessity for healthcare providers and it is often a challenge to know where to start. One way to cut costs is to utilize cloud PACS which can offset the cost of deconstructing PACS.  But in order to do that it is important to come to an understanding…
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What Does Deconstructing PACS Really Mean Today?

Gaining the Advantage by Deconstructing PACS Healthcare providers increasingly have more options when it comes to choosing technology associated with managing medical images. Research comes before a decision is made on which direction to go, which means anyone who is researching PACS has come upon the discussion of deconstructing PACS, adopting standards like Integrating the…
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Deconstructing PACS: Get Ready for Enterprise Imaging as the New Term

Get in on the Conversation About Deconstructing PACS It’s definitely not a secret anymore – healthcare providers are stepping away from the traditional view of image archiving and image sharing as it relates to the standard picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) they’ve used for two decades. We’ve come to an era where deconstructing PACS is…
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Deconstructing PACS Helps You Access What You Need

VNA in the Cloud Assists in the Deconstructing PACS Discussion There is ongoing discussion about new technology in the medical IT industry today, and a lot of it has to do with deconstructing PACS. The medical imaging industry relies heavily on technology, and as we all know, technology changes frequently. Keeping up with the changes…
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