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What You Should Know About Deconstructed PACS

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What You Should Know About Deconstructed PACS

PACS, in the Traditional Sense, Have Changed for the Better

PACSWhat’s your plan for managing your images? If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you want to find more efficient and cost effective ways to manage images, yet you also want to improve your goals revolving around becoming more patient-centric. Is deconstructed PACS the answer?

We know that patients, thanks to more advanced technology and the Internet, are becoming more active in their healthcare. We need to provide them with the tools to gain access to their records.

Patients are also seeing multiple healthcare professionals, some of which practice in completely different institutions. They need to be able to share their medical images easily and without barriers. Cloud VNA and a look toward deconstructed PACS can give them what they need, and it could be a good fit for your organization as well.

Reducing Struggles
Redundant images can be a hassle, but it happens often due to legacy imaging stacks. However, unless there is a seamless workflow that travels across networks and various exchanges, redundancy will continue to be an issue. Seamless workflow will also give patients the advantages they’re looking for in their efforts to be more self-serving.

Healthcare systems are becoming increasingly distributed, which means all-in-one PACS, which is the traditional setup, are having a tough time integrating with newer technologies and electronic health records.

Deconstructed PACS allow users to customize their workflow to their liking. Not everyone utilizes exactly the same type of storage model, but with a deconstructed PACS scenario, you can go with a hybrid model. One of the biggest advantages for users is that deconstructed PACS follow a universal viewing model.

Most PACS are built to serve one department. However, in a deconstructed situation, VNA is brought in to offer a more long-term archiving solution. This gives users a central repository for all their medical images, regardless of the file type.

Cloud or On-Premise?
When you deconstruct using an on-premise VNA, you’re going to have to manage that, which means regular maintenance, upgrades and keeping tabs on your VPN connections. For institutions that simply can’t go to the cloud for whatever reason, this is their only option.

A preferred option is to use cloud-based VNA and cloud PACS. This means the vendor is in charge of all the maintenance, upgrades and hardware. Furthermore, a cloud-based solution will also keep you in touch with the latest and greatest advancements in healthcare IT innovation.

When you choose OffSite Image Management, Inc., you’re partnering with a company that leads the way in cloud-based image management. From teleradiology solutions to cloud PACS to offering true VNA, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we’ll deconstruct your PACS for you.


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