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What’s the Lifecycle of Centralized Image Storage in the Cloud?

Managing the massive amounts of information associated with providing healthcare is a constant battle, especially as the amount of data associated with imaging seems to compound every year. Centralized image storage is becoming a popular topic as healthcare providers look into more efficient processes. The information associated with medical imaging needs to flow seamlessly, but…
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Centering on Patients With a Zero Footprint Viewer

How a Zero Footprint Viewer Can Increase Efficiency It seems that as every year goes by, remote viewing systems become more advanced. The traditional method of using a software-based viewing system is beginning to take a back seat to browser-based viewing systems, which are referred to as zero footprint viewer systems. There is a good…
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Protecting Electronic Health Records Can be Expensive But it Doesn’t Have to be Out of Reach

One has to look no further than how much the healthcare system is spending to protect themselves from data breaches to understand the magnitude of how important protecting against threats is becoming – $7 billion annually. Electronic health records (EHRs) have many advantages to the archaic ways of storing and accessing patient information, but EHRs…
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What do the Best Health Information Exchange Platforms Have in Common?

Health information exchanges (HIEs), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have come a long way in allowing medical facilities to share valuable information between the physicians, radiologists and other specialists that work hard to provide the best quality of care possible to their patients. First off, the information must be capable of being shared securely…
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Got PACS: You Also Need DICOM

DICOM is the standard for handling, printing, sharing and storing medical imaging. Essentially, DICOM is an application layer network protocol developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the AmericanCollege of Radiology for CAT, Ultrasound and MRI scan images. Widely successful and implemented, DICOM is now controlled by the DICOM Standards Committee. PACS allow medical…
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Cloud PACS: Happier Patients, Happier Doctors?

Gaining Efficiencies With Cloud PACS The field of radiology is constantly evolving. For example, CD burning technology helped to phase out the old method of sharing images, which was primarily through film studies that were mailed from one facility to another or carried from one department to another. Cloud PACS and vendor neutral archiving (VNA)…
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Image Management: Impacts on Life Expectancy in Rural Hospitals

It’s long been known that the healthcare resources in the rural communities do not match what is available in the urban centers. Ultimately, this could be part of what plays into rural life expectancy not matching that of the people living in more populated areas. Ultimately, there are many factors that lead to life expectancy,…
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Can Data (Like a Virtual CD) Help Repair Healthcare

The Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare, the title of a Webinar through the Harvard Business Review, brought up interesting points on the future of healthcare, including those regarding electronic health records (EHR). All healthcare providers are moving to EHRs to stay compliant with federal laws, but there are a number of hiccups involved in the…
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Why Was Vendor Neutral Archiving Avoided in The Past?

Vendor neutral archiving (VNA) is more than just a trend – it is bringing great value to healthcare facilities across the nation. However, this wasn’t always the case. When hospital and radiology administrators began bringing picture archiving and communication systems into their facilities, they were coming in as complete solutions, meaning all the hardware had…
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Why Should We Use Image Management?

Hospitals everywhere are experiencing a need for better systems to organize and store their medical images. There are also many healthcare facilities that worry about the security of their images and data that resides in the cloud. An estimated 90-plus percent of hospitals said they would be better off with an automated system that integrates…
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