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Manage Your Data More Effectively With Telerad360: Our Cloud-Based Teleradiology Solution

Improve Teleradiology Workflow With Telerad360 It’s no secret that hospitals and clinics regularly face issues when it comes to ordering medical images and delivering diagnostic results. OffSite Image Management, Inc. and Modular Systems Inc. have teamed up to diminish the struggles that too many healthcare providers are feeling today in teleradiology. Offsite is an industry…
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Teleradiology: How the Patient-Centered Experience Really Fits In

Gaining More Control in Teleradiology Solutions The healthcare industry is taking a more patient-centric turn, and that’s good news. However, in order to fully adopt patient-centric attitudes, a number of things have to change, including the medical image workflow, especially where teleradiology is concerned. When it comes to a quality experience, the process has become…
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Will Trump Encourage Teleradiology? Experts Share Theories

Teleradiology in the Cloud is the Future This Presidential election cycle was unlike any other, and the radiology industry can only guess what will happen to shape the industry in the next four years (or shorter, or longer) with a new president. Could the Affordable Care Act be turned on its head? What will happen…
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