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Manage Your Data More Effectively With Telerad360: Our Cloud-Based Teleradiology Solution

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Manage Your Data More Effectively With Telerad360: Our Cloud-Based Teleradiology Solution

Improve Teleradiology Workflow With Telerad360

tleradiologyIt’s no secret that hospitals and clinics regularly face issues when it comes to ordering medical images and delivering diagnostic results. OffSite Image Management, Inc. and Modular Systems Inc. have teamed up to diminish the struggles that too many healthcare providers are feeling today in teleradiology.

Offsite is an industry leader in providing cloud-based radiology solutions. Integrated Modular Systems has for more than three decades provided workflow solutions to imaging centers, urgent care networks, universities, NFL teams and many other clients.

The collaboration is taking shape in the form of Telerad360. It’s a solution that helps radiologists manage data more efficiently. Because data today is coming from multiple facilities, Telerad360 uses logical rules to better manage the data, which helps to create a more efficient workflow system that can be customized to fit the radiologists’ needs.

One of the issues that prompted the collaboration for this solution is that healthcare providers are experiencing a breakdown of control and accountability with their work lists. Furthermore, radiologists need better communication tools at their side, and Telerad360 addresses this.

The creators of Telerad360 have made one of the only cloud-based solutions for teleradiology on the market that offers an integrated RIS, mobile compatibility, report distribution, voice recognition and cloud diagnostic viewing. Clients will really benefit from the fact that the solution is flexible and scalable.

Editing tools allow radiologists to edit reports on the spot, which means they don’t have to wait for a transcriptionist. If you want to directly import the report into the local EMR, you can. You can also print reports from the portal and deliver it electronically to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are tied to your system.

Telerad360 is an easy sell because it doesn’t require users to purchase any additional hardware or software. With a simple subscription, radiologists are connected immediately with IT administrators, other radiologists, hospitals team members and technicians.

Everyone involved in the workflow can see what everyone else has contributed to it, which means it is easy to hold everyone accountable. However, this visibility also creates a more efficient workflow, provides better communication opportunities, and improves the level of patient care, which is on the top of every healthcare worker’s priorities.

Whether it’s an urgent care center, imaging facility or a clinic, clients who connect to Telerad360 are empowered to do their jobs better, thanks in part to the analytics tools that provide better case management opportunities.

To get more information on how Telerad360 can benefit your workflow, contact OffSite today. Our industry-leading solutions also extend to other areas of your image management needs, so tell us about your needs and we’ll give options for solutions.


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