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How Better Rural Hospital Data Can Mean Better Physician Engagement

There is a direct correlation between data and engagement when it comes to medical providers and how effectively they are able to do their jobs. Unfortunately, engagement levels aren’t always the priority at most healthcare organizations. A recent survey by Physician Wellness Services proves this point. According to the study, physicians want to be engaged,…
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How Virtual CD Works

Healthcare communities across the U.S. and throughout the world are now counting on DICOM exchange to offer a smooth transferal of medical images and data. Today, quality services can be in the cloud and for a lower cost. Let’s look at the Missouri Health Image Exchange as an example of how DICOM and vendor neutral…
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Can Data (Like a Virtual CD) Help Repair Healthcare

The Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare, the title of a Webinar through the Harvard Business Review, brought up interesting points on the future of healthcare, including those regarding electronic health records (EHR). All healthcare providers are moving to EHRs to stay compliant with federal laws, but there are a number of hiccups involved in the…
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How Virtual CD Helps Solve Main Meaningful Use Challenges

Meaningful Use, as you are probably already well aware, is a Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program that is supposed to help improve patient care while giving the government assurances that facilities getting federal money are actually deserving of it. As rural providers worked to meet requirements of Stage 1, it became clear that financial…
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Radiology Information System and Rural Hospitals: Getting in the Game

Due to changing regulations and advances in technology, healthcare providers are faced with challenges that some are ill-equipped to handle on their own. Rural providers are particularly stressed due to their limited budgets and shortage of qualified IT personnel to assist with the implementation of a new system, including a radiology information system. Not only…
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What’s so Great About a Virtual CD?

Anyone who has spent a decade or more in the healthcare industry can attest to the changes that occur in technology. Within the radiology industry, a big change occurred when compact disc technology hit the scene. Instead of sharing images on film, radiologists could supply doctors with images burned onto CDs. CDs are extremely portable,…
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Virtual CD and Critical Access Hospitals in Kansas: What’s the Bottom Line?

When you talk about the “bottom line” where the rural, critical access hospitals and the larger, urban and suburban hospitals are concerned, there are vast differences. The bottom line for the critical access hospitals is often much smaller, so much so in fact that every penny is precious. Not only are funds limited, resources such…
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Legendary Data Breaches: How Virtual CD Could Have Saved 1 Million Patient Images Lost on One CD

It’s difficult being on the receiving end of a HIPAA violation; just ask any one of the many healthcare providers who have mistakenly lost patient information, either through a breach in the firewall, a lost or stolen laptop or a lost CD with medical imaging burned into it. The problem isn’t unique to American providers…
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Three Advantages of Virtual CD for Hospitals

The transformation involved in medical imaging technology has been interesting, to say the least, over the last several decades. While some medical professionals are still using the archaic film method for storing, sharing and analyzing medical imaging, most healthcare professionals have progressed to burning CDs to store and share their medical images. However, a growing…
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Honeycomb Exchange: Your Response to Changes in Radiology

President John F. Kennedy said, “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” His thoughts on change can be applied to any aspect of life, including business. Given the frequent technological changes that affect the radiology industry, change is not only…
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