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The Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Technology impacts virtually everything it touches, some things more than others. If ease is the issue, cloud computing has certainly lived up to that. In radiology, almost every facility has at least one cloud-based component working for them, and increasingly cloud PACS are becoming a go-to solution for improved workflow.

Top Reasons for Cloud-Based Solutions

There are many reasons for healthcare facilities to adopt cloud technology and cost is often a big factor in that decision. There are other key benefits including:

  • Interoperability
    Whether it’s from a disparate department down the hall or a collaborator miles and miles away, when you use the same cloud network, transferring data becomes streamlined. As patients expand their list of professionals tending to their needs, interoperability is more and more important. Working in the cloud offers a seamless way to do this.
  • Better Storage
    If yours is like other facilities, you’re probably finding it challenging to manage your large amounts of data. Cloud storage helps to make that task less of a burden. Image file sizes aren’t getting any smaller, so being proactive and finding more manageable solutions is key.
  • Smarter Workflow
    When you think “smart,” you’re probably thinking artificial intelligence or machine learning. It’s a “smart” way to go because artificial intelligence can make your job easier, mostly by taking tedious tasks and automating them. When you work with the right cloud vendor, you get a variety of tools related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Scalability
    The beauty of cloud-based services is that none of the hardware is on-premise. As your facility takes on more and more exams, you don’t have to worry about where to store all the data. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions, including cloud PACS, offer you more insights into the exams you’ve scheduled, what equipment you’re using and information on your patients.

Cloud PACS to the Rescue

While you’re mulling over the various cloud-based solutions out there that can help you, don’t forget about cloud PACS. A quality vendor will offer the following:

  • Admin Support
    Let the cloud vendor handle all the management and oversite for the PACS. This includes all peripheral items and department workflow. You also get support.
  • Software Non-Obsolescence
    Get unlimited upgrades and updates for the software you rely upon to give the best quality care possible.
  • A Better Viewer
    Gain access to a zero-footprint, browser-agnostic viewer. All you need is a web browser that’s compliant with HTML5.

At OffSite Image Management, we’re offering all the convenience of cloud-based technology, plus cloud PACS. Contact us and find out more about the advantages inherent in our solutions.


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