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Three Reasons Electronic Health Records Really do Mean Better Care for Patients

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Three Reasons Electronic Health Records Really do Mean Better Care for Patients

The move to embrace electronic health records doesn’t sit well with everyone. In fact, many healthcare professionals that have been in the industry for decades have been quite skeptical of storing information, including medical images, in electronic form.

The reluctance to go with electronic health records was aided in the early days of theEHR 4 technology as glitches were numerous for some facilities. The process of switching over was nothing short of grueling – outages caused lower productivity and worse patient care. However, the technology today is much more sound and the benefits are numerous. Let’s look over at least three reasons your facility can benefit through the use of electronic health records.

1. Healthcare Quality Gets a Boost
With a patient’s health records stored digitally; they exist wherever there is a workstation. Instead of relying on a repository from which files are kept and retrieved, healthcare providers simply pull them up electronically, giving them instant access to the information they need to deliver better quality care.

Not only are doctors able to see the results of previous visits, test results and latest lab work, they’re also able to pull up radiological images. Despite the reluctance of some professionals in organizations that adopt electronic health records, the facility sees an almost instantaneous improvement in quality.

2. Patients Have More Participation
Doctors can diagnose and treat a patient, but it’s really up to the patient to follow through with the recommendations of the medical staff if they are going to recover. When electronic health records are used, patients have better access to their medical information and can take part in the decision making process. This is especially important in managing chronic conditions like diabetes, weight issues and asthma.

3. More Control Over Business Costs
As an administrator, part of your duty is to make sure your facility stays solvent. Sure, you’re going to invest money in technology to accommodate electronic health record systems, but these investments actually lead to long-term savings and better business practices. According to HealthIT.gov, studies prove that your investment will provide a positive return. You will likely see a reduced transcription cost, increased productivity and efficiency and improved medical practice management with electronic health records.

Another important factor is the improved communication you’ll experience once you have the systems in place to connect patients, clinicians, doctors and health plans. When it comes to sharing your medical imaging, doctors from more than one facility will likely want to have access to them. Patients no longer seek the help of one doctor – they’re seeing specialists as well. It’s important that their medical imaging be available regardless of the distance or equipment being used at different facilities.

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