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What’s the Future Look Like for Cloud PACS?

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What’s the Future Look Like for Cloud PACS?

How Prepared is Your Facility for Cloud PACS

Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have been around for two decades, but they are evolving.cloud PACS Cloud PACS have become the new norm as hospital administrators and IT professionals seek out new and improved ways to share and store their medical imaging.

The issues surrounding PACS today are largely about the evolution of medical imaging, the accelerated rate of data that is flooding medical IT personnel, and how more efficiency is being found in cloud-based solutions, including cloud PACS.
There are a variety of forces that necessitate a change in the way PACS are perceived and worked with now, including the changing business model of healthcare today. You also have to consider that the change is also due to the adoption and use of electronic medical records. Furthermore, the need for more affordable solutions that don’t involve a complete gutting of the antiquated PACS system that many providers are using today is helping push cloud PACS to the forefront.

Cloud PACS have become a hot topic, but some providers are still wondering about interoperability and security in a cloud-based environment. Data security and compliance should be a major concern, especially given the fact that medical records are more highly sought after than credit card data. Cyber thieves know how to get behind a firewall, they know about getting around passwords – they are actively getting into information systems that have their guard down. A cloud-based vendor offering cloud PACS services must have a number of safeguards in place.

Encryption is key for most of the best PACS providers who engage their compliance officers into every IT-related project. Using the best data centers that have extensive security, both on their servers and in the form of on-site personnel, offers added layers of protection that every healthcare provider should consider today. However, the goal is not only to be secure, but to also be able to provide better patient care, which is something the best cloud-based PACS can deliver.

Redundancy is another big component of top-notch cloud PACS vendors. They use the best archiving and information distribution solutions available, and these are also designed to manage and aggregate DICOM studies. With multiple redundancies in order, medical images will have a near 100 percent up-time, regardless of what natural disasters are befalling your region.

If you’re in the market for a cloud PACS solution, look for one that is scalable and includes expandable architecture. Look for one that has optional virtualized server architectures that can bring the best availability and archiving options.

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we’ve built an industry-leading cloud PACS solution that is not only saving clients money, it’s improving their ability to offer quality patient care. Contact us today and find out how we can address all your PACS needs.


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