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DBT: How Are You Handling the Workload?

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DBT: How Are You Handling the Workload?

Radiology workflow is continually being challenged. Given the new technologies, file types and massive file sizes, it might seem like an uphill battle 90% of the time. Fortunately, cloud-based vendors are working toward ways to ease the bottlenecks and grant better access to images, including digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

Thanks to improved technologies, mortality related to breast cancer have been reduced. Digital mammography has sparked a revolution in improving imaging, including DBT technology.

The Power of Tomosynthesis

Thanks to the 3D images provided by DBT, a technology that uses low-dose x-ray systems, computers can make reconstructions, creating a three-dimensional image that is easy for radiologists to read. Another benefit is that smaller cancers, those that might have been missed using older imaging technology, are caught with DBT. When you partner with a vendor specializing in the storage and access of DBT imaging, you can ease your workflow and improve your interactions with patients.

One of the few drawbacks associated with DBT is that compared to older technologies, reading times have been increased.

Going OffSite for Improved Efficiency

At OffSite Image Management, we offer the most advanced vendor neutral 3D mammography reading workstation. We can work with any vendor, any image type and we can integrate with other modalities.

With years of experience in the industry, we know that most mammogram workstations can only do mammograms. At OffSite, we can do mammography, but we also offer tools related to ultrasounds and MRIs.

Healthcare providers today need flexibility in their solutions. The advantage at OffSite is that we not only offer flexibility, we’re also the only company that allows our clients to cross-correlate between mammograms and ultrasounds or any other modality.

When you partner with Offsite, you can have multiple views simultaneously from multiple modalities. Our feedback confirms that this minimizes workflow and makes the process much more efficient.

We also know that imaging facilities are worried about budgets. Fortunately, our solutions are typically less than half the cost of a standard mammography workstation, but we also offer more modalities to view. We’re committed to saving you money while improving your workflow, so contact us and let’s talk about customizing DBT solutions for you.


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