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Getting the 3D Mammography Data Storage You Need Today

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Getting the 3D Mammography Data Storage You Need Today

Mammography studies can bring challenges for your medical facility that can hinder workflow. Aside from being large file sizes, they need FDA approval, and anyone working with them must be in compliance with the Mammography Quality and Safety Act. The Act defines the type of equipment they can be read upon and puts parameters on how long they have to be saved. When it comes to 3D mammography data storage, the challenges can be daunting.

One of the unique things about 3D mammography data storage is that unlike many other studies, these have to be matched against one or two previous exams. When you consider the large file sizes of these exams, storage and access becomes more of a challenge. That’s why it is key that you find a cloud vendor that offers an easy way to gain access to older files and provides the volume of storage you need for data.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Your cloud-based vendor should be able to provide adequate storage space so you can have the flexibility you need to grow. As you know, mammogram reading requires certification beyond the traditional FDA requirements, so make sure your provider offers an integrated medical image viewer that is FDA approved for diagnostic use in mammography.

For fast retrieval of mammography files, your cloud-based vendor should offer compression tools that will make it much speedier to work with than raw images alone. It is important to find lossless compression, because you want to be able to compress and decompress your images.

MAMMO Viewing

At OffSite Image Management, we give our customers the best mammography viewing and 3D mammography data storage options, specifically suited for critical care and rural hospitals, clinics and specialty hospitals.

Our MAMMO solution includes advanced processing features, like reference lines between MLO and CC images; reference lines between MG and US; tomosynthesis cine + MIP creation and mammography CAD support of virtually any vendor.

We know that having technical support is important, which is why our clients come to us for our administration services. We go the extra mile, providing semantic interoperability, which allows for optimal on-screen hanging, but it also will automatically flip Hologic Tomo and MG studies. For quick and easy luminance of the breast tissue, we offer an implant blocker, which will allow the eye to adapt to the image.

Most readings involve the latest exam, plus the previous two, but OffSite offers hanging protocols that allow up to four high resolutions displays.

For more information about what we offer with our MAMMO viewing technology and to find out more about how OffSite can address your 3D mammography data storage needs, just contact us today.


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