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Centering on Patients With a Zero Footprint Viewer

How a Zero Footprint Viewer Can Increase Efficiency It seems that as every year goes by, remote viewing systems become more advanced. The traditional method of using a software-based viewing system is beginning to take a back seat to browser-based viewing systems, which are referred to as zero footprint viewer systems. There is a good…
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Setting up a Vendor Neutral Archiving System: Easier, Faster and Better Than You Think

Despite the promise of smoother sailing with a vendor neutral archiving (VNA) system, some healthcare providers are still edgy about the prospect because they don’t want to disrupt the way clinical users currently work with the system. There are a few tips to consider when making the transition. Providers who have gone through the process…
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What Are the Benefits of Using Offsite Archiving?

Health information management continues to evolve, from the technology used to the compliance issues surrounding it. Offsite archiving also becomes affected by these changes. It’s all about protecting the data and keeping confidential information safe from compromise. Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) modify HIPAA, which has affected the way facilities operate…
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What You Can Expect in Health Image Exchange and DICOM in 2016

The State of DICOM, 2016 What we learned last year in the healthcare industry is that with new healthcare regulations, providers were given incentives to avoid procedures deemed unnecessary. This means more and more providers are moving toward more collaborative solutions that cut out the filler, especially in medical imaging where the health image exchange…
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Report Says Integrated Image Transmission Could Improve Image Orders for Hospital Patients

The Journal of the American College of Radiology released a report recently that sheds some light on an issue that many radiology professionals are facing today regarding image transmission, clinical decision support and computerized physician order entry systems. Researchers have discovered that clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care level provides improvements in…
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Virtual CD and Critical Access Hospitals in Kansas: What’s the Bottom Line?

When you talk about the “bottom line” where the rural, critical access hospitals and the larger, urban and suburban hospitals are concerned, there are vast differences. The bottom line for the critical access hospitals is often much smaller, so much so in fact that every penny is precious. Not only are funds limited, resources such…
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Taking the Fear Factor Out of Cloud PACS: What You Should Know

The early days of cloud computing saw its fair share of squeamish users who held the new technology at arms length. However, in recent years, spurred by the efficiencies that are provided in the cloud, medical enterprises are embracing the technology and moving to cloud PACS. One of the major concerns for healthcare providers is…
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Learning About Disaster Recovery in Rural Hospital From Joplin Tragedy

When it comes to your healthcare data there are any number of events that can occur that will jeopardize the integrity of that information or your access to it. Flooding, power outages, theft and Mother Nature are all prime suspects. What can we learn about disaster recovery in rural hospital settings where the worst happens?…
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